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News.First Winter Weekend: Combat

The first winter weekend is approaching!  Log in game between the 1st  December at midday game time to 4th.


The details of first winter weekend:

? Charm drops give one more charm than normal.

? Increased chance of rare drops and enhanced ring of wealth.

? 50% increased Slayer experience.

? All Slayer assignments are treated as using a Slayer VIP Ticket.

? Shattered Worlds grants 50% extra anima.

? 10% cheaper instance fees.

? Ability to loot from Mazcab Raids once per day.

? Extra training points from Boss Training.

? You may choose your Boss Slayer assignments over the weekend.


In addition, it is important that the bonuses owned by the player's port will run throughout the five-week period! Looking forward to see:

25 times a day instead of 15 times

+ 30% of additional resources or voyage of trade goods

Saturday and Sunday (except Thursday) can get the maid's special voyage


That's all, remember the time of the first winter weekend. The reward is abundant. Cheap RS gold on hot sale now. Besides, the Xmas will be come next month, hope you following us always, we will have a big sale for it!