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News.First OSRS Mobile Beta for 2K Invites Come Out

We have introduce the information about OSRS Mobile data and battery usage last time. In addition, OSRS mobile also said they will be the first to send out 2K Old Fashioned Mobile Beta on Tuesday, January 30. Will you be one of them? Please remember to buy RuneScape 2007 Mobile Gold here.


The Change for OSRS Mobile Data

Compared with the previous data, the size of mobile applications has increased from about 30MB to 100MB or less, because the application "pre-cached" all the data for future use. But this also means that the use of mobile data to play the game will be reduced. The new data shows that the current average hourly full game will cost 500kb to 2MB.


OSRS Mobile Beta Invitation on January 30

The OSRS team has announced they will send the first Message Center message to 2k OSRS Mobile Testers on Tuesday, January 30, 2018. They also said that the choice depends on the device, active play time and account history, not the social impact. This means that every registered pro has a chance to participate in the test. And you also have the chance.


While everyone desires to be invited, always pay attention to any phishing attempt. If you do not receive a message in the Message Center, that means you are not invited. Please be patient. And don't forget to buy OSRS Mobile gold with the 5% free coupon code 'runescape3' from runescapegoldfast.com.