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News.Fireworks & Karambwan Changes in OSRS!

Here, Old School Runescape has make some changes on Fireworks & Karambwan,  now runescapegoldfast share to you below!


Fireworks for Level Up

To celebrate the achievements of our players. Today, all new games will be released, these animations to allow players to reach 99, and in all the skills to reach 99 players will have more moving animation.

A skill reaches 99, and now will produce a bright and colorful animation while maximizing your character will lead to more durable red and gold animations.

The largest fireworks on the left, 99 fireworks on the right.

In addition, you can now receive a notification of every 25 total points in the chat box. When the maximum number is reached, a separate message is displayed.


Karambwan and Karambwanji Changes

During the investigation of the content 54, Runescape investigated some changes that would make the fishing of the Kalman Bay a more viable option for legitimate players.

As of today's update, Tiadeche's Karambwan booth now has a stock of 50 Karan Blanci, the default cost for each 10gp. In addition, the original karambwanji can now be stacked in your inventory. Since the original Calanbridge is the bait required to fish the Kalman Bay, this should make fishing more convenient.

It is impossible to do raw karambwanji, unless it is required during the Tyvovani Trio mission. After logging in, all existing cooked karambwanji will exchange the original karambwanji. This is vital because otherwise changing the karambwanji stack can effectively ensure a very cheap, stackable food source.

For the sake of balance, the fishing panda now gets 50xp instead of the previous 105xp.


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