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News.Enjoy RuneScape Chaotic Tomes for XP

RuneScape Chaotic Tomes comes now! And you can read a chaotic tome to win a varying amount of XP. Look more details now.


What's the available time of Chaotic Tomes?

The Chaotic Tomes is available from 00:00 March 1 until 23:59 March 5, and you have 5 days to enjoy the Treasure Hunter Promotions.


How to win Chaotic Tome for XP?

During the new Treasure Hunt promotion, Chaotic Tomes will replace all lamps and provide XP. You can win small, medium, large and giant Chaotic Tomes from Treasure Hunter. Reading books, you will gain the XP of the selected skills, but the XP of each book will be different.

Some players think the new Treasure Hunter is another boring XP snap-promotion. But why not try it yourself to see how you feel about it?


Good luck for you if you are enjoying Chaotic Tomes now. And remember we runescapegoldfast.com always have cheap Runescape Gold online.