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News.Enjoy Lava Lanterns RuneScape for 200% XP

It’s the right time to get the Lava Lanterns from Treasure Hunter before Feb 5, if you want 200% XP totally. Read more details below, and runescapegoldfast.com provides you cheap RS gold.


How long does the Lava Lanterns last?

Lava Lantern RuneScape is available from Jan 31 to Feb 5 on Treasure Hunter.


What's the rewards of Lava Lanterns

The Lava Lanterns can be released for both regular XP and bonus XP at the same time, a XP lamp can be used on any skills.

Each Lava Lantern gives 100% of the regular XP a lamp of the same size would give, plus the same amount of Bonus XP on top, which means 200% XP in total. If you want more XP and Bonus XP, the lantern is a good choice from Treasure Hunter.


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