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News.Elder Simulacrum Outfit & Cheap Runescape 2007 Gold

Now you have the chance to Elder Simulacrum Outfit in OSRS, and this new outfir has a lot of benefits for you! Let's look more below now.


When your Divination of divination reaches 70, you gain the ability to collect simulacrum pieces in your money bag. When divination, 90 to 110 fragments are won every 5 minutes, and 1 in 2500 fragments get an additional 3600 fragments when one fragment is acquired.


Then you can use Inventions (Level 20) to blend together at Prophetic Level 80, making each of the five pieces of divinely patterned outfits: the Divination Energy outfit, the Divination Chronicle outfit and the Divination Memory outfit. This means that you need to collect a total of 54,000 fragments to make the Elder Simulacrum Outfit.


The Elder Simulacrum Outfit gives you the following benefits:

1. Teleports to the any colony wherever you have the level of access and mission three times a day.

2. Teleports to the caves of May Stormbrewer or Guthix's Cave unlimitedly, as you wake up the world.

3. One in seven chances to reap two memories at a time, giving you twice as much  XP and divine energy.

4. There is a 7% chance of getting two chronicles fragments or elder chronicles at the same time when a wisp or an elder wisp.

5. One in five chances to get five times more energy while gaining wisps.

6. Activates the Diviner’s outfit bonus if owned even when the set is in the bank or held by Dango.

7. Modify all the benefits of the diviner's headwear, if you have it.


That's all the benefits you can acquire if you wear the Elder Simulacrum Outfit. Buy enough Runescape 2007 gold to get the outfit now. The coupon code 'runescape3' could help you acquire more 5% free gold.