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News.Dragon Slayer II Requirements & Cheap Runescap Gold

 Dragon Slayer II Requirements

The requirements for the expected Dragon Slayer II are below - remember that the difficulty of the task should not be determined by the skill requirements behind it! You have to finish many puzzles and face many difficult boss to accomplish this task!


Dragon Slayer II Requirements  


Voting delay

In addition, you may have noticed that RuneScape released a QoL and Content Poll blog last week, with the aim of making a vote shortly afterwards. RuneScape initially stops voting in the game so that we have more time to organize your feedback and make changes if necessary. But the fact that the voting module has been broken! More and more information has been sent to the module, we are now in RuneScape can not be further updated location. The network team is actively working to apply the necessary fixes to solve the problem, but it now appears that we will have to continue for the next week in any new poll. Unfortunately, it happened now, but with any problems happening, never really found a good time!


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