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News.Details about RuneScape Treasure Trails Rework - Runescapegoldfast

We got a positive answer from Jagex plans to add a new slider as the player post the new Elite/Master Treasure Trails slide puzzle ideas. Today we can learn big plans to change RuneScape Treasure Trails, more details following. And buy Runescape gold on our site Runescapegoldfast have more free for you!


Runescape Treasure Hunt Trails Rework

Recently some gamers have released some upcoming rewards for the upcoming treasure trove of ideas for the new Elite / Master Treasure Trail. Jmod responded that they plan to add a new slider recently.

In fact, the rework of the lead reel should be released in the winter of 2017 in order to make the Clue Scroll more valuable. Maybe we can look forward to early 2018.


The Expected Clue Scroll Change

The upcoming changes to the RuneScape Treasure Trail are what players need most.

1. Players will have multiple clues of the same level, while only one cue is active.

Guthix and Saradomin Wizards will improve.

3. A new clue: RuneScape master clues will increase.

4. Allow skiers to get more Clue Scroll, which can be obtained from mining, fishing, logging and fortifying.

5. Tips will help reduce misdirection.

6. All clues will be rewarded as a casket, the puzzle casket will become a normal coffin, when the last puzzle is calculated.

7. In order to store the items needed for expression clues, new STASH (stores and stuff here) units will be added.

8. There is an NPC - Argento outside the main entrance of the Varylck Exchange, which offers advice on lead scrolls and a clue reel for players.


In addition, the addition of "Ice Dye" and "Second Age" and other equipment will also be added to the RuneScape Treasure Trails. We just hope to come soon. Remember to use the code 'happy5' to get 5% Free RS gold extra!


Thanks for your reading!