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News.Details about RuneScape Elite Dungeon 2 and buy cheap OSRS gold

August live stream revealed some information about RuneScape Elite Dungeon 2 will be coming on August 13, next Monday.We list all latest informations on the below,read now.


1.There will be a new item called RuneScape Dragonfire ash.

2.You will earn a very rare chance to get lucky dragonkin coin, which can be activated with 99 Summoning to unlock the Diddykin pet.

3.There will be a way to reduce the cooldown on Berserk using certain ability combos.

4.Achievements have gone from 17 to 39, and there is the golden “the Elite” title for completing all Elite Dungeon achievements.

5. Gemstone scales - disassemble or alch them. It gives some specific materials such as Precious components.

6.There will be a new item Dragonfire ash added. 

7.There will some variations on Relics. And the Relics from both Aminishi and Dragonkin Lab will disassemble into only rare components with Ancient, Fortunate, and Refined excluded.

8.There will be a way to reduce the cooldown on Berserk using certain ability combos.


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