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News.Customer Service Week RuneScape Informations

Customer Support Week kicks off today (October 22nd).Now,Let's learn all detailed informations .


The CS Week starting from October 22, 2018,and run through all this week,encouraging you to enable your bank PIN and the Authenticator.


You can earn TH keys. At the same time, Count Check, located in Burthorpe, will grant you a free daily clue scroll, And If you follow the tips to protect your account there,an XP lamp will be available .


The Vampyre Count Check RuneScape will be there all this week, and he will hand over the missed clue scrolls in CS Week if you have missed a day.


You'll receive two prize caskets for each clue you complete, but you'll have to be fully protected to unlock the second one. If you're not a member, you'll only have access to F2P items from easy clue scroll drop tables. Members can receive rewards from easy or medium clue scroll drop tables, with rewards that scale at higher total skill levels.


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