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News.Clue Scroll Overhaul with More New Rewards

Clue Scroll has return to us after overhauled. Now look more to learn the changes of  Master scrolls and Hidey holes. Besides, more rewards you can get from Clue Scroll.


Master scrolls

Looking for new challenges? Take the Master-tier, full of harder, new clues and puzzles and tell us what you are composed of. You can get them by completing any simply to any elite clue scroll; in addition, any way you can drops elite Clue Scroll is likely to escalate to master.  Claim Premier Club Gold members get one pro bono is available until 11th March.


Hidey holes

You need for emote clues in hidey holes to conserve that precious inventory space by stashing the items, which can be found close to your clue coordinates.


The Rewards of Clue Scroll

Runescape have provided non-members with some old Clue Scroll rewards, freeing up some space. So you now have access to more than 60 new rewards, including:


Ice dye

Second-Age Saradomin armour

Robin Hood outfit (including the higher-level elite version)


Evening dress


New dragon masks

And much more!

Globetrotter outfit


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