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News.Celebration Lamps Return with Extra 10% XP

To celebrate the New Year, Celebration Lamps return to Treasure Hunter in Runescape. You can get XP in all of your skills you have.


How to use Celebration Lamps?

As usual, use Celebration Lamps to get XP in a skill of your choice, and you have access to get a smaller amount in all other skills . And you can right-click the ‘Inspect’ option and follow the prompts to opt out of it if you don't want to get Combat XP. If you used the Celebration Lamps, the XP you get from them will start to increase in increments of + 2%, up to a 10% increase. So get more XP to use Lamps more.


Once you’ve used a number of Celebration Lamps, the XP you receive from them will begin to increase in +2% increments, up to a maximum of +10%. The more you use, the more XP you’ll get!


Besides, global 10% XP buff for the duration of Celebration Lamps will also back.


How long will the Celebration Lamps lasting?

00:00 UTC on 27th December - 23:59 UTC on 1st January 2018, during this time, you can use Celebration Lamps as you like.


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