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DarkScape is a variant RUNESCAPE provided an open PVP environment. There is no "safe zone." In addition, only the traditional mode of battle, everyone started fighting Level 3, and does not affect progress in RUNESCAPE DarkScape.

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All content is available to both free-to-play and pay-to-play players; however, members have access to free-to-play behavior than all the players (including one-off kind of task incentives) more than 50% of the experience, Space double bank and keep a dying project. Treasure hunters use other functions will be disabled.

Guards misty world of low-threat areas, and will attack anyone who has a skull. There are no guards in high-threat areas.

DarkScape use the same server and the digital world of beta use. Clan chat can be, despite DarkScape tribes independent of the main game.

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