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News.Ancient curse Turmoil effects and details

As the second strongest Melee-boosting prayer,Turmoil RuneScape can add your Attack and Defence with melee and defence bonuses. Now,Let's learn all details.


As the second strongest melee-boosting prayer, the Turmoil requires 95 Prayer to activate,the same as Anguish and Torment.
And it can add 10 levels to your Attack when calculating hit chance & Defence when calculating block chance, as well as boost melee damage by 10%.


At the same time,it drains opponents’ Attack when calculating hit chance and Defence when calculating block chance by 6 to 10 levels, and drains their melee damage by 9% to 15% (6% to 10% in PvP). You will gain the same melee and defence bonuses regardless of an enemy’s class. 


Besides,this Ancient curse can’t lower its damage when it doesn’t use melee. Meanwhile it cannot drain most high-level bosses. And you cannot not use it along with sap and leech curses. However, you can use healing curse Soul Split on it with 92 Prayer and offer another incentive to use the book.


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