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News.Account Security Week Informations and Get Clue Scroll CS Week RuneScape

This week-long event - Account Security Week has been live in,We will provide some details for you,And We list solutions to some RuneScape CS Week clue scrolls,Please read carefully.


Account Security Week is a recurring week-long event that promotes account security, which is active now and runs until July 15. Players can receive an extra daily Treasure Hunter keys for having RuneScape Authenticator and bank PIN set.You also can get one lamp, 2 extra daily Treasure Hunter keys, and the CS Week clue scroll.


Some guides for completing clue scroll CS Week RuneScape


1.In a room housing at least 7 victims...: On the first level of the Strong of Security, travel one room south, and one room south east from the entrance ladder. Then dig on the eastern most tile in the room with 8 minotaurs.


2.“Dig behind the poster in a jail cell…”Pass through the poster in the open jail cell, in the Stronghold of Player Safety. Once inside, dig at the spot you step onto.


3.Speak to the creator of Customer Support clues: Talk to Count Check, located directly south-east of the Burthorpe lodestone.


4.Speak to Professor Henry in the Misthalin Training Centre of Excellence.


5.After completing a CS Week clue scroll, you will be awarded either a CS Week scroll box or a CS Week casket and a CS week Security casket. Please remember you must open any caskets obtained previously before receiving another clue scroll.


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