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News.3 New Alchemical Onyx Items Informations

Today,Let's learn is how to create the 3 new Alchemical Onyx items,The below are all details,Please read carefully now.


1.Grace of the Elves details


The new non-degradeable neck slot item Grace of the elves can be made by enchanting an alchemical onyx necklace with level 6 enchant spell requiring 87 Magic. And firstly, you need to reach 91 Crafting and obtain 1 gold bar and 1 alchemical onyx.


Moreover,Grace of the Elves with four uses: First, it can serve as a teleport throughout the game world to locations that your Max Guild garden portals are attuned to. If you cannot access the Max Guild garden, when first equipping the amulet, you can attune it to one of the Max Guild portal teleport destinations. Second, it may be charged with up to 500 signs of the porter and will then act as a sign of the porter. In addition, the amulet can also decrease the drain rate of Seren prayers by 50%, as well as offer access to the rare drop table if you wear it while skilling.


2.Passage of the Abyss details


Passage of the Abyss is a pocket-slot item that can hold up to six different compacted jewellery all in one item! No need to carry around all of those teleports


With 1 alchemical onyx, 50 magic components and 1 teleportation compactor collected, you can make Passage of the Abyss on the a workbench after discovering the blueprint with 118 Invention.


3.Ingenuity of the Humans details


It is a new sigil that allows your next hit to be a guaranteed hit


It degrades with use and requires fortunate components to recharge


It works with abilities and spells, allowing players to use Vulnerability or a statius warhammer whilst using a different style.


What' more,you can make the Ingenuity of Humans on a workbench with 1 alchemical onyx, 10 stunning components, 750 x smooth parts as well as 50 x direct components after discovering the blueprint with 114 Invention.


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