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News.22 USA-based OSRS Server Maintenance on Wednesday 25th April

It is time to maintenance the USA-based OSRS world. This time, 22 worlds will be offline on April 25. Wednesday, 7:30 am BST, 22 OSRS worlds in the United States will be offline within 8 hours. In the meantime, you will be able to continue hosting world games in other locations. Now read all the information below!


The affected world is: 1,5,14,21,22,29,30,37,45,46,53,54,61,62,69,70,77,85,86,93,94 and 117.


To ensure that most restricted world activities remain accessible during maintenance, the following changes will take place on Tuesday, April 24 at 12pm BST:

World 22, which hosts private Castle Wars games will move to World 20.

World 37, which hosts High Risk PvP will move to World 39.

World 45, which hosts Permanent Deadman Mode will move to World 47.

World 53, which hosts 1250 Skill Total will move to World 55.

World 61, which hosts 2000 Skill Total will move to World 57.

World 85, which hosts F2P 750 Skill Total will move to World 82.

World 117, which hosts F2P PvP will move to World 118.



And these worlds will return to their usual world numbers after the April 26 update, so don't worry. As usual, you can still buy cheap RuneScape 2007 gold from runescapegoldfast.