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2017 is shaping up quite fantastically, and I hope that you're seeking at the year ahead using a large dollop of excitement.

What about the second half from the year? It's easy to forget that 2017 will bring two more expansions. We'll be revealing the identity from the September expansion immediately after Menaphos, and the December expansion will possess a rather juicy reveal later on inside the year.

New Year's feast for you personally at this time. We're expanding the Month Ahead to develop into an entire Year Ahead. That means having a side order of treats from the rest of your year.

We're talking the Menaphos expansion, the Bank Rework, a quest we've got never ever described ahead of, and considerably, much more.

2017 will bring more expansions on runescape territory . We'll be revealing the identity expansion immediately after Menaphos, expansion will possess a rather juicy reveal later on inside the year.

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