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News. Learn OSRS Song of the Elves Guide

Yesterday,Long-awaited Song of the Elves OSRS quest has finally been released in game. Here is our OSRS Song of the Elves guide with the riddle solution,boss fight methods and others to help you complete this new Grandmaster quest.

Solution to riddle in Waterfall Dungeon

After go to the Waterfall Dungeon in Song of Elves quest, there is a riddle which requires you to use items on the pillars around the tomb. You should notice that the items for each pillar are the same for all players, but the layout is random which requires you to inspect the pillars to figure out the order. Don’t forget to read the book before placing any items.
There are 6 items with respective numbers:
1 - Nature rune
2 - Flowers
3 - Black knife or Black dagger
4 - Wine of Zamorak or Zamorak brew
5 - Adamant chainbody
6 - Cabbage


Here is the solution to place these items on the pillars:
1. SW says the number it is, place the item.
2. NW says the number it is next to. Place the item on the W pillar.
3. NE says what it is opposite. Place the item on the NW pillar.
4. E says what number it isn’t next to. Place the item on the E pillar itself.
5. SE says what it isn’t going on the SE pillar itsself. Place the item on the NE pillar.
6. Place the remaining item on the SE pillar.

Method to defeat the Fragment of Seren

Enter the Temple of Light,defeat the Fragment of Seren.
Magic spells are the only form of combat that is particularly effective against the Fragment.Protect from Range should nullify most its damage from normal attacks.
The Fragment has four special attacks:

1.An orb that teleports you to it. Simply run away after being teleported to maintain a safe distance.
2.The Fragment will split into multiple parts, and you must attack the correct one. The real Fragment will have crystals underneath it, and a lighter aura.
3.The Fragment will summon healing spells. Simply attack the spells with any attack to defeat them. Fast-hitting weapons such as throwing knives or darts are excellent here.
4.The Fragment will teleport you to one place and freeze you there while she winds up an attack. Then, she will unleash a heavy attack based on your current and max health, dealing up to 99% of your max hp. It is highly recommended to bring Saradomin brews or Anglerfish to heal above 100% health to avoid being killed by this attack.
5.After defeating the Fragment of Seren, Baxtorian will invite you into Prifddinas.
Are you want to try  to  complete the Song of Elves OSRS quest?

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