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Monkey Madness II Package

Package includes:

Monkey Madness II

-Enlightened Journey

-The Eyes of Glouphrie

-Recipe for Disaster (Freeing King Awowogei)

-- Monkey Madness I

--- The Grand Tree

--- Tree Gnome Village

-Troll Stronghold

-- Death Plateau


Skills rquirement:

20 Quest points

69 Slayer ,70 Crafting,60 Hunter,55 Agility,55 Thieving

20 Firemaking ,30 Farming ,5 Construction,46 Magic ,70 Cooking,14 Herblore, 40 Mining

It is beneficial to have a high Combat and Agility level.

The ability to defeat a level 195 Jungle Demon

Quest rewards:

20 Quest points

A crystal saw seed

The ability to communicate with monkeys without the monkeyspeak amulet.

Access to the ogre city; the God Wars Dungeon;the Culinaromancer's Chest;the balloon transport system

$49.99 $34.99 Time:18Hours