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News.Wilderness Updates and DMM Summer Finals

This week the Old School Team will  release  some Wilderness updates and information regarding the DMM Summer Finals.Here  you could learn the detail changes.

Wilderness updates

Following the PvP Poll, the OSRS team already implemented some Wilderness updates.

Wilderness Slayer Keys

1.Slayer tasks from Krystilia will now have a chance at dropping Larran's Key. These keys can be taken to either one of Larran's chests, which can be found in the Wilderness. These chests contain drop tables with the same items as the Brimstone chest but do not include the unique items.
2.The lower tier chest can be found in level 18 Wilderness, just north east of the Chaos Temple. This chest has drops slightly worse off in numbers than the Brimstone chest due to the location and ease of access.
3.The higher tier chest can be found on the middle floor of the pirate's ship to the west of the Pirates hideout in level 55 Wilderness. These chests contain drops that are greater in number to the Brimstone chest due to the more dangerous location and lack of access
4.Like Brimstone keys, the chance of getting a key depends on the level of the monster that's dropping it, with the higher-level monsters being more likely to drop one. These stackable keys are untradeable, but can nevertheless be dropped to a PKer on death provided they're not among the protected items. If the PKer is an Ironman, they cannot receive someone else's key in this way, so the key is destroyed completely.

Wine of Zamorak Spawn in Deep Wilderness

Players may now find a faster respawning Wine of Zamorak from the Deep Wilderness dungeon south of the Pirate's Hangout. If a player has completed the Wilderness Hard Diary, the Wine of Zamorak will be received in noted form.

K/D Ratio for PvP Worlds



K/D Ratios are now shown on HUD in PvP worlds provided they are toggled on in Edgeville via the notice board.

DMM Summer Finals

The Summer Finals see the top players from the Summer Season invited to compete for $32,000 in prize money. Invites to those players have now gone out so please check your RuneScape message centre.

1.Mark Your Calendars
The Summer Finals begin at 3pm BST on Saturday 22nd June and will conclude with the Permadeath stage which begins at 8pm BST on Saturday 29th June.
The Summer Finals will be held live at Jagex HQ on Saturday 29th June. This will not be a ticketed event and will not be open to the public.
As with the previous Spring Finals, the 1v1 section of the Finals will include the last 256 surviving players of the Permadeath stage, rather than 128.

2.Where to Watch The Finals

The Deadman Summer Finals brings with it hours of content to watch and enjoy. Get to the Twitch directory and you'll find lots of dedicated Old School streamers broadcasting the slaughter of their enemies. Watch the action of the Summer Finals Permadeath stage from the official OldSchool RS Twitch  channel.

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