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News.Why not skip Blizzard WOW 6.2.3 update, and direct access to the corps?

Experienced early brilliance, then a period of time decadent, Delano warlord is ushering in its final expansion soon. Although it can unlock flying mounts need to become better situation, it just can not change the fate of WOD, and even a post asking Blizzard skip the update 6.2.3. Many players seem to think that the Legion would bring prosperity wow. However, there are still some players can not decide to skip the 6.2.3 There are many reasons.

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Development team needs time to develop the Legion of Warcraft

Recently, a player told reporters that he had suffered some annoying task difficult weekend and made relevant to skip WOD last patch 6.2.3 update, and then get the Legion of prepatch posts. Because it can imagine, the answer is no. World of Warcraft Community Manager Nethaera informed that they need to ensure that there is sufficient time for testing and to ensure that any improvements (especially when at the end of the project) work. "This is a very complex game, a complex system, no matter how simple they seem," he said, by Nethaera. In fact, time is a very important process, but many players that led to the failure of WOD reason was never enough time. In my case, the time did not help WOD does not mean it will not help the Legion. This is a very worthy of recognition, no matter how WOD suck, a red legion will suck too.

WOD provides more interesting content 6.2.3 update

Whether to proceed Legion takes time, not all the players are suffering Delano world, especially in its last expansion. There are some nice additions and modifications, including the expansion of Timewalking dungeon, two new mounts and additional patch 6.2.3. Indeed, 6.2.3 should be the second most anticipated patch this whole expansion: first flight 6.2.2, 6.2.3 and the second is the moose. Well, moose from hero Archimonde installation will be a surprise, a lot of players. And now with the upgrade courage, it will make it easier for the boss, because the players will be out of them, although they still need to learn the mechanism gear technology.