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News.Treasure Hunter | Pet of Seasons

Let four solar terms of pets, then combine them into a perennial loyal supporters for your adventure: Seasons pets.

From 00:00 UTC on October 8 until 23:59 UTC October 13, treasure hunters will produce four natural materials: seed booming, lush flowering, deciduous and tree branches burning.

These games can also be collected: through training Herblore, logging, agriculture and Firemaking respectively. You can also go directly to any of the four types of transactions material exchange with other players.

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Collect any type of 600 to make the appropriate seasonal pet. Create all four combine their pets get symbolize the four seasons. This can be traded in the big exchanges, or if you are willing to keep the pet yourself active. It can create more than one token and the transaction that you do not keep.

Every three months, the seasons changed to match the pet's appearance time of year: the blossoming spring, green in summer, golden autumn and winter snow. If you prefer, you can right-click season.

Four Seasons is an ideal adventure partner pet throughout the year, and is sure to be highly sought after. This is the perfect game for the crown and cloak seasons, too.

Any alternate materials will be cleared on October 28, but before that, you can be Mrs. Niya voice in Burthorpe related skills in their trade their bonus XP.

Note that triathletes can collect material, playing make pets, but they can not:

Materials trade with other players.
Trade pet seasons symbol.
Trade backup material bonus XP.