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News. This week patch notes and buy RS gold cheap

There are some latest runescpae patch notes,Please read it now and glad to see anyone come to our website Buy Rs Gold.


Players can no longer place specific items designed to grief portable placers at Combat Academy.


Added colour indicators on skills that are increased or reduced on the skills tab.




Using Quick-Recharge on a prayer altar built in the starting room within dungeoneering will now trigger the "A Prayer Opportunity" achievement.




Logout confirmation screen has been updated to use modern builders.

Re-enabled MSAA on mobile after it was previously temporarily disabled.

As part of ongoing work to reduce the size of the game for the mobile project, we have removed about 89 interfaces that are no longer used.

Google login is no longer supported on the Java client.




Fixed an issue where the replica metal override could override the wrong metals in the wilderness.




Fixed Barge ability animation whilst other abilities are queued.

Make deathtouch bracelet reflect damage not based off the players weapon, giving correct XP.

The upgraded bonecrusher will now correctly loot all bones if more than one is received at a time.


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