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News.Some RuneScore HiScores and Patches Details

This week some achievements added to the RuneScape HiScores page,Let's see the all details now!


On Monday (September 10th 2018) a RuneScore tab has added to the HiScores page on the RuneScape website.


From which you can learn the top players who have the highest RuneScore and be aware of how far ahead you are of your friends or how much further you need try to reach them. And until now, there are 1980 in-game achievements, showing a possible RuneScore of 21840.


To appear on RuneScape HiScores, you need to have at least 500 points. The bigger achievements you complete, the more RuneScore you will be given.


Some Patches informations


1.Orlando Smith's hat is now tracked by the clue scroll log with an accompanying quick chat message.


2.You will be granted a quicker way to get back into the observatory after completing Observatory Quest.


3.Graphically improved the Earth Altar.


4.You can correctly unlock the achievements for the Thieving Guild mini-quests after each mini-quest.


5.The servants have come back from their brief holiday


6.You can produce Attribute boosting Honey on the Player Owned Farm at a faster rate.


More details on here


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