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News.Some RuneScape Crystal Capsules Informations

Crystal Capsules is a Treasure Hunter promotion that uses keys to unlock shadow gem overrides, protean selections and a pack of 10 Treasure Hunter keys.the below are all new details.


Head over to Treasure Hunter this week from September 13th (00:00 game time) through to September 17th (23:59 game time) to take a look at the new Crystal Capsules!


During the Crystal Capsules Treasure Hunter promotion,you will be able to win:


Shadow gem necklace
Shadow gem cape
Shadow gem crown
Shadow gem sack
Various Protean items
10 Treasure Hunter free keys


Keys can be used to unlock gems, rather than standard chests. The gems remaining to find are shown on the right side of the interface, so players can see what rarity of items they can possibly obtain. After unlocking 4 gems, players can choose to spend 100 Hearts of Ice to reset and obtain a fresh set of gems of varying rarities that may be unlocked, as long as there isn't a unique prize gem of ultra rare rarity available to unlock - it must be unlocked first. All players receive 10 Treasure Hunter keys as their first prize.


You can reset your pool, providing you meet the following requirements:


1.You’ve unlocked at least four gems in the current pool

2.You have 100 hearts of ice, which will be consumed

3.There is no unlocked shadow gem in the pool - it must be unlocked before the pool can be reset.


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