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News. Some RS Valkyrie's Return informations

Valkyrie's Return!The below are some contents about it that we provide for you,Please focus on here.


How long will it last?


RS Valkyrie’s Return is active now and runs until will run until Monday the 11th of Feburary.


Some details about Valkyrie's Return


During the Valkyrie's Return,Winter wolves Hati, Skoll and Fenrir are back to Gielinor,There are can be found and killed in the Fremennik Province.


Old powers are stirring in Gielinor. Fenrir, Hati and Skoll have returned to roam the land once more and the fallen heroes of Valhalla grow restless. Eir believes the End of Things is coming sooner than expected and that it’s time for the Valkyries to reunite and prepare for the battles ahead.


Gain some rewards


RuneScape Valkyrie feathers can be obtained during the Valkyrie’s Return event. You can gain 500 Valkyrie feathers every day from killing these three wolves, and gather more features through skilling, with a 20% bonus from mining and smithing. After collecting some Valkyrie feathers, you can return them to RuneScape Eir near the Fremmenik lodestone to help her summon her companions and gain some rewards,such as a Tiny Valkyrie Bobblehead, or a bunch of Jormungand weapons plus an additional cape!


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