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News. Some Lava Lanterns Informations

Lava Lanterns is coming soon,The below are all informations about it,Let's see together now.


The latest Treasure Hunter promotion-RuneScape Lava Lanterns,will active from Thursday March 28 to Monday April 1, 2019.And during the time,regular fallen stars and XP lamps are replaced by lava lanterns of small, medium, large and huge sizes in Treasure Hunter.


What's more,After you obtaining Lava Lanterns,you are able to use them on any skill that a regular XP lamp can be used on. Both regular experience and bonus experience can be gained when release a Lava Lantern RuneScape, totally 200% of the experience that a lamp would give.


In addation,You can choose which skill to use the Lava Lantern after getting it. It is recommended to use the lanterns on slow skills outside of dailies or silverhawks, for example, woodcutting, runecrafting, agility, fishing and mining.


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