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News.RuneScape Mutated Fury Codex details and buy rs gold cheap

RuneScape Mutated Fury Codex drop rates are indeed abnormal,It's dropping rate seems a lot higher compared with those of Mutated Furry and Barge codices.Now this issue has been hotfixed,The below are all details about it.


What's RuneScape Mutated Fury codex?


The Mutated Fury codex was released on August 13 2018, which is the second boss you will encounter in the elite dungeon,which can be obtained from killing Verak Lith in the Dragonkin Laboratory and be used to unlock the mutated fury ability.This ability can deal a single hit for up to 157% weapon damage instead of 3 smaller hits and increase your critical hit chance of your next non-bleed by 10%.


RuneScape Mutated Fury Codex's mistake


It turns out that the drop rate of Mutated Fury Codex has been 10 times higher than intended. And as for now, this problem has been hotfixed, which means it will be as rare as the Mutated Flurry and Barge Codex in game later.


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