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News.RS Yak to the Shadows Coming June 2020

RS Yak Track event  is coming for the third time! From June 22nd, enjoy Zarosian-themed RS Yak to the Shadows event to gain some new rewards.

When will RS Yak to the Shadows come?

According to the recent official news post,the gates to the Yak Track will soon be opening for the third time.Yak to the Shadows will kick off on Monday June 22nd and run through until Sunday August 2nd.
Get ready  for the Zarosian-themed Yak to the Shadows!Those of you who are still knee-deep in Archaeology should fear not - there will be plenty of Archaeology tasks on the track to keep your mattocks busy.More details will be released later.

What is RS Yak Track Event?

Yak Track is an event allowing players to earn rewards by completing tasks. When this event starts, there will be two prize tracks available, divided between Free and Premium. Players will gain progress in the prize tracks by completing various tasks on the interface. By playing on the Premium track, you will be able to reap a heftier number of prizes compared to taking part in the Free track.

We will update our news if there is more details on RS Yak to the Shadows event. In addition, you can find cheap RS gold on our site with high security.

 The Runescapegoldfast Team