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News.Player Owned Farm Details And Guides

Player Owned Farm is a brand new way to work on your Farming Skill, and was one of the most sought after requests from the community Build-a-Backlog poll.The below are some informations.


The ways to get magic beans RuneScape on your farm


For all Gold Premier Club members, you will claim 3 universal Magic Beans from the the Guardian of the Vault outside the Premier Club Vault at the Grand Exchange, which can be planted at most farming patches.


And you will get some magic beans when you sell your animals in the farm, and the amount of beans depends on the animals’ species, stage of growth, traits, etc.


What's more,you can also purchase the Magic Bean with beans (the currency for the POF) from new Farmers’ Market, which is run by Granny Potterington and located in the center of the Manor Farm (north of East Ardougne).


These beans:you see every growth stage for a second as it grows fully before your eyes. They can instantly grow the plot, and the type the plot produces is random but scales around your farming level.


The ways you can get animals from your farm


Farming Mushrooms
Killing Animals

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