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News.Ninja Strike #5 on May 26

This week the Ninjas made a precision strike against a handful of tiny targets all over the game. They’ve made moves against boss instances, interfaces, and more!Here you could  learn the improvements and other changes in RS patch notes.

Added new options to Boss Instances

1.Join' and 'Rejoin last instance' options have been added to the right-click/long-press menus on boss instance entrances.
2.'Custom encounter' and 'Enter encounter' options have also been added to various bosses.
3.Resolved an issue where players could rejoin a Nex: Angel of Death instance which had already ended and were forced to log out in order to leave.

Improvements to Interfaces

1.Search bars have been added to the Animations, Titles, Appearances and Pets tabs of the Customisations interface.
2.A new 'All' category has been added to the Customisations interface which will list all items.
3.This new category will now be the default.
4.14 previously discontinued titles have been hidden on the 'Titles' interface for players who did not own them previously.
5.The quest list can now be sorted from both 'A-Z' and 'Z-A'.
6.Resolved a bug that required players to click twice on the Grand Exchange interface after selecting an item from a search.

other changes in RS patch notes

1.The Desert Phoenix can now be continuously auto-pickpocketed as a reward for completing the Hard Desert Achievements.
2.The Doomsayer will now issue a warning about the Araxxor boss fight.
3.The 'Ranch Out of Time' music track now unlocks properly when the player enters the area.
4.Fixes an issue where text regarding anima gained in Shattered Worlds wasn't showing the correct translation on non-English worlds.

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The Runescapefast Team