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News.New Treasure Hunter Return of the Pack Informations

Jump into Treasure Hunter for a free freshly polished skilling backpack!Now,Let's learn all details.


Basic informations about Return of the Pack


It start from 00:00 game time on the 23rd August through to 23:59 on the 28th August,During the duration of the new Treasure Hunter,you are able to gain the new Skilling PackPack for free when opening up TH. And you can also win the Powerpack, which can be used to add an extra charge to a Skilling Backpack. Besides, if you own one Skilling Backpack already, this will take place of your current one.


Some rewards you can get


Random drops of skilling rewards. If you wear your backpack while training, you will have chances at finding random drops of skilling supplies, The below are all items:

Advanced pulse core
Large prismatic lamp
2 Ancient relics
2 Royal battleship kits
100 Magic notepaper
Prismatic small fallen star


What's more,Each item drop will also activate a 10% XP boost for 10 minutes, which stacks with RuneScape double XP weekend, and will use up a charge from your backpack.


More importantly, Remember that make full use of your RuneScape Skilling Backpack during the TH promo and RuneScape Double XP Weekend is coming on the 31st of August to the 3rd September. If you have the backpack, the skill supplies can be combined with the double XP weekend to give you more experience.


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