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News. New TH Promo:RS Time to Seren

This week you will enjoy new TH Promo---RS Time to Seren,The below are all informations avout it,Please read carefully now. And runescapegoldfast is a perfect site to provide absolutely Cheap Rs Gold for you.


This event will lasting from 12:00 on 10 May to 11:59 on 13 May 2019.


During the promotion, you have a chance to gain specific rewards which can be used for skill training,including RuneScape silverhawk feathers, spirit onyx and more.These rewards are applicable to whichever set of skills that is active at the time.


Rewards gained from Time to Seren RuneScape


Yellow gem Rewards


Small combat training dummy crate, small portable skilling pack, a medium dungeoneering token box.


Orange gem Rewards


Medium combat training dummy crate, spirit dragonstone, Protean cogs, Protean planks, Protean bars, Protean traps, Protean hides, Protean logs, protean memory, Silverhawk feathers, portable skilling pack, medium skill training dummy crate, and a large dungeoneering token box.


Red gem Rewards


The spirit onyx, large skill training dummy crate, and large combat training dummy crate.


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