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News. Learn some killing OSRS Hespori Boss guides

A new boss--OSRS Hespori has released,Now,Let's see all informations and details about it.


In order to fight against the Hespori boss,Below are some guides for you:


First ,You must plant a Hespori seed and wait the seed is fully grown. Hespori seed OSRS can be obtained randomly from harvesting crops in Gielinor.


What's more, You can find the guildmaster of OSRS Farming Guild – Guildmaster Jane, receive farming contracts from her and have a chance to get the Hespori seed as the reward for completion.


Then,The Hespori seed will grow into a demi-boss, Hespori. When fighting OSRS Hespori boss, 4 plant buds around the patch open up occasionally, so you need to kill them before damaging Hespori again.


In addation,Sometimes you may be rooted by Hespori OSRS and cannot move, and it can be solved by clicking repeatedly on the floor, preferably the square next to you. It is recommended to bring an antipoison or antidote++ as Hespori can also poison you.


If you killing OSRS Hespori,Below are some rewards for you:


1.12,600 Farming experience
2.Obtain some seeds


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