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News. Learn some Brimstone ring Informations

Here are some Brimstone ring informations and guides,If you are interested in it,Please read carefully now. By the way, please don't forget to apply the 5% off code “runescape3”to Buy Rs Gold !


The Brimstone ring OSRS is a ring with a passive effect which combines offensive stats of some other rings.It is a tradeable ring.


The ring has no requirements to wear and provides the combined offensive stats of all the un-imbued Archers ring, Berserker ring, Warrior ring, Seers ring, Treasonous ring, and Tyrannical ring, as well as additional defensive stats. The Brimstone ring cannot be imbued.


The Brimstone ring is a ring created by combining three untradeable components - the Hydra's eye, fang and heart.


All of them are dropped by OSRS hydra and the Alchemical Hydra, and you will not gain duplicate pieces if you already have a Hydra’s body part.For example, if a player has obtained a Hydra's eye, they are guaranteed to get either a fang or heart next time.


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