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News. Learn Xeric's Ward scrolls informations

Today,we'd like to introduce some Xeric's Ward scrolls informations for you,Keep you eyes on here now.


Xeric created a range of scrolls to repel the various denizens of the Chambers. One type keeps Vespula at bay, another works on Vasa Nistirio, another works on the Creature Keeper's monster, etc.Through the power of these scrolls, Xeric's forces were able to navigate the Chambers with reduced chances of encountering the various threats. The scrolls were abandoned in the Chambers when Xeric moved on, and now may occasionally be found by a raiding party.


For example,one of them keeps Vespula at bay, another works on Vasa Nistirio, another works on the Creature Keeper's monster. The scrolls can be found by a raiding party in the Chambers. Once found, the scroll can be read and its power can be absorbed by you, therefore you don’t have to carry it around. The scroll will also grant you a chance to lead a team to get in a specific Chamber through the route (a route can avoid 2 combat challenge rooms and 1 skilling room per raid) the Chambers generate for you. However, such chance will consume the power of the scroll.


Xeric abandoned the scrolls in the Chambers as he explored the cave system. To get one specific scroll, you and your fellow players must firstly survive a raid that contains the specific monster.Scrolls would be tradeable, and would have a cash value that lets you alch them for 6k coins if you don't want them.


Once you've got a scroll, you'd be able to read it, absorbing the power of the scroll into yourself, so you needn't carry the item around.


Let's expect it coming.


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