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News. Learn RS Shining Prismania details

RS Shining Prismania is return,Now,We will share all new informations about it ,Read it now.


How long will it last?


RS Shining Prismania-- A new Treasure Hunter promotion,It runs from 00:00 on Thursday January 31 through to 23:59 on Monday February 4, 2019.


What rewards you can get?


During the time,all lamps and stars on Treasure Hunter are prismatic, and shining prismatic lamps and stars are introduced, replacing the regular prismatic lamps and fallen stars.And enjoy 70% more XP for any skills.There is also a further chance to double the already boosted reward.


What's more,When you open RuneScape Treasure Hunter for the first time ,you can obtain a free shining prismatic medium fallen star and lamp.


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