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News. Learn Desperate Times Quest Guides

The new Desperate Times RS3 quest has been released,Now,Let's see all details and guides.Here also have cheap&safe&fast 2007 rs gold for sale.


How to Start


Join Seren’s council by talking to her on the first floor of Burthorpe Castle.


RuneScape membership

Level 50 Mining

Level 50 Smithing

Level 50 Divination

Completion of The Needle Skips and You Are It


The below are guides for you:


1.Choose one from location, task force and seed collection. Then pick a second and third combination.

Location: Talk to Osman/Vanescula Drakan/Zarador.

Task force: Talk to Sir Amik Varze/Brundt the Chieftain/ Moia.
Seed collection: Talk to Azzanadra/Garlandia/King Roald.

2.Head west of Piscatoris Fishing Colony to The Needle, speak to Kerapac.Close 5 temporal instabilities by clicking on them. One is found near the Needle, two are in the front yard of the nearby farmhouse, and another two are on the 1st floor of the farmhouse. Then talk to Kerapac again.

3.Talk to Kerapac again after closing the 5 temporal instabilities near the needle, in backyard and upstairs of the house.

4.Find the first key at the Digsite near the Empty Throne Room entrance and try to solve the puzzle.The amount of items in the puzzle may be represented with Roman numerals.

Here are solutions for all three keys in RS Desperate Times:


5.Find the second key on the 1st floor of the Varrock Palace, and the third key on the ground floor of the Black Knights’ Fortress. Solve each puzzle for the key.

6.Talk to Reldo, give Charos 3 rune bars, 2 runite stone spirits, 10 gleaming energy, and 10 mind runes, then return to The Needle.

7.Talk to Kerapac, then kill the 5 Sliske clones, pick the fragments on the path to make Sliske's mask.Wear the mask and kill Guthix to harvest memories, then talk to Guthix near the empty fairy ring.

8.Click each mutable anima (4 green ones) once. You need to head to the west room past Sliske, jump gap outside window on south side, run across planks, drop down rock face, climb rock face and climb through obstacle. Run around through each room and then open the door at the last room.

9.Switch all the green mutable animas. Use temporal rifts to teleport between levels.Harvest animas around the laboratory and switch some green mutable animas to make them direct to Kerapac.

10.Return to the Council in Burthorpe and talk to Seren.

Hope this informations and guides can help you a lot.


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