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News.Lastest Update of OSRS Forthos Dungeon

This week OSRS offical news post  the Forthos Dungeon based on 90% yes vote rate of  Forthos Dungeon poll blog in June.You can discover what lies below the Forthos Ruins in this exciting new dungeon filled with spiders, dragons, and undead druids.


The dungeon located below the Forthos Ruin in Hosidius is ripe for exploration. Rooms players can find in there include The Grubby Chest, The Library, The Altar of the Sun, and the Sacrifical Chamber.



Added  a new miniquest called 'In Search of Knowledge'  . Once you heal Brother Aimeri, he will give you information about tattered tomes found in the dungeon library. Each of the tomes can be filled with four pages that are dropped by creatures within the dungeon. Players complete the miniquest by turning in all three completed tomes into the Arceuus Library. As a reward, you will be given a 10k XP lamp. The library will also reward you with 1k for any spare pages you may find in the dungeon.



Sarachnis is a new mid-level boss aimed at players around 100 combat who want to try their hand at bossing. Defeating Sarachnis poses many challenges - she has a high resistance to ranged and magic attack and will leech some of your health for her own. If you are able to defeat her, you may be able to get your hands on some of her unique drops including the Giant Egg Sac and Sarachnis' Cudgel.

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