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News.Informations About OSRS Mobile Release Date

It is really the thrilling news as we have been waiting for OSRS Mobile for so long time.OSRS Mobile release date is finally announced to be October 30th! Let's see the important news together!


It’s officially announced that the full release of Old School Mobile is set on October 30, 2018.You will be able to play the game on both iOS and Android devices.


Old School RuneScape Mobile app will be free, so everyone can download it after its release.


Now you can pre-order on the App Store and pre-register on Google Play; after pre-order your device will ping you a notification and automatically downloads the app on the OSRS Mobile release.


Some of you without the Members beta installed will not be able to access the app until its full release on October 30th. If you have access via the Members beta, the iOS closed beta, or you're located in an area in soft launched (Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden), then you'll be able to continue playing right up until the full release.


Please remember that players with iOS devices will need to be running iOS 10 or later, whilst players with Android devices will need Lollipop (Android 5.0) or later.


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