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News.Buy OSRS gold in order to enjoy maximum cape, dead mode, Skilling pet October this year

LD schools in RuneScape are embracing a busy month for the maximum angle, the dead mode, Skilling pets and more content will be after, in October this year. Do you have all of the challenges and bonuses have been ready? 07 RS gold to buy cheap domain name to get the upper hand!

The maximum P at OSRS Thursday

The biggest cloak is a high-profile project, you can display a person's greatest achievement in the old school in RuneScape. To achieve such glory, all the skills you need to reach 99 (2277 total level). Now, as an old school has more than 139 players will participate maxed rankings, Jagex has decided to release this cloak next Thursday in the game. Seductive yet? So, OSRS cheap gold will help you, or the highest level, or pay 2,277,000 coins maximum cloak needs.

Dead model will come later this month

Rs Gold

In previously released Darkscape it caused a lot of concern. If you are interested in that kind of PVP, the parking mode will be an opportunity for you to conquer and plunder. High-risk and high-reward fights will be available this month in the back. After receiving feedback and improve long-term mechanism, the dead model worth trying. In order to catch up or refresh, take a look at its main features are as follows: PvP everywhere, 5x XP rate losses 50% XP death, lost 28 reactors, from your bank, and then log out timer, big deal is prohibited, in the case experience gained, it is disabled.

Skilling's four pet will join in the game

Do you like the boss's pet, since July has been available? Starting this month (time to be determined), you can get our hands on four kinds Skilling pets, including:
1. Woodcutting - Beaver - Can be obtained when chopping any tree.
2. Mining - Baby rock golem - Can be obtained when mining any rock.
3. Fishing - Heron - Can be obtained when fishing at any spot.
4. Hunter - Baby chinchompa - Can be obtained when hunting chinchompas.
However, similar to the slim chance to get boss pets, the skilling pets will be difficult to gain. The chance is incredibly rare and lower level activities as the likelihood of receiving the pet will be based on how long it takes to perform each action. Be ready for the challenge? Never forget that when you own one, it means that you get great achievements on that skill!