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  1. Celebration Lamps Returns! [2017-07-26]

    Get the party to start with the bigger gains of XP, as the celebration lamps back to the Treasure Hunter, giving XP all the available skills.

  2. New Slayer Boss in OSRS: Grotesque Guardian [2017-07-24]

    The Slayer boss has been proven to be welcomed by our PvM community, but because of their high Slayer level, many of our mid-level PVMerers have been abandoned. Gargoyle is one of the most popular killer assignments. They are the real...

  3. OSRS: F2P Castle War [2017-07-21]

    Today Runescape has released the F2P castle war. For those who are not familiar with the "Castle War", this is a mini-game based on the capture of the flag. There are two relative castles, each representing two gods of RuneScape: Saradomin and Zamorak. Your opposing team'...

  4. Get Lots of XP from Dune Fractures [2017-07-19]

    Do you want to get much XP in Runescape? Don't miss this, the dune fractures is coming. In this activity, you can get lots of XP. Now, runescapegoldfast share more about the dune fractures.

  5. Playing Old School Runescape Mobile with Cheap OSRS MOBILE Gold [2017-07-18]

    Congratulation!Old School RuneScape mobile client is coming soon, with comprehensive cross-platform support and mobile optimization interface.If you are interested in this, you can sign up for the opportunity to join the beta. You can always buy OSRS Mobile gold from runescapegoldfast at the same time.

    What is OSRS?

  6. OSRS: PvP Championship [2017-07-14]

    The PvP Championship is coming, $ 30,000 is the best to offer the best. Ready for your teammates to participate in the Championship! But before the Challenge, make mo...

  7. Treasure Hunter: Bonus Chests return [2017-07-12]

    Runescapers, good news! Bonus Chests returned to Treasure Hunter.

    What's New with the Expansion of Fishing Guild [2017-07-10]

    Runescape has announced the expansion of fishing guild, what's new about it? Now runescapegoldfast will tell you.

    Treasure Hunter :Elite Skilling Outfit Bonanza [2017-07-07]

    Good news for RuneScape Fans! The new Outfit is coming! The runescapegoldfast now share the details with you. Besides, you can prepare more RS gol...

  8. The Magister - a high-level Slayer boss [2017-07-05]

    PAY ATTENTION! The Magister is coming, the new update of the RS.